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Subsidized OMMP Fees

OMMP offers several subsidized fee programs to help patients manage the program cost. The following programs are available.  To participate, simple submit a copy of enrollment or award letter along with your OMMP application.

SNAP/Oregon Food Stamps

Subsidized Fees: $60 without grower, $110 with grower

Oregon Health Plan (OHP)

Subsidized Fees: $50 without grower, $100 with grower

Supplemental Security Income (SSI)

Subsidized Fees: $20 without grower, $70 with grower


Subsidized Fees: $20 without grower, $70 with grower

Eligibility: service-connected compensation from the VA based on a finding of the VA of 100% service connected disability OR receipt of a needs-based pension from the VA as described in OAR 333-008-0020

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OMMP Guidelines

The Oregon Medical Marijuana Act (OMMA) governs the Oregon Medical Marijuana Program (OMMP).  It protects patients, caregivers, and people responsible for cannabis grow sites (growers) if card holders comply with state laws.

Here are a few guidelines to OMMA compliance:


1.     Do not use medical cannabis in a public place or in public view.

2.     Do no drive or operate heavy machinery under the influence of cannabis.

3.     Do not share medical cannabis products with any individual who does not possess an OMMP identification card.

4.     Do not possess over the legally allowed amount:

  • 24 ounces of dried usable cannabis (leaves and flowers)
  • 6 mature cannabis plants (12 in. height or diameter, with flowers)
  • 18 seedling plants (less than 12 in. height or diameter)

5.     When in possession of cannabis plants or products, you must also possess your OMMP card or your "Safety Packet," a copy of the application and documents submitted to OMMP along with proof of mailing.

6.     Growers may only be registered at one grow site address, and must place a placard at the grow site.  The grower may only register to grow for four patients (included self), and plants may only be grown at the registered address.

7.     Growers may not enter OMMP dispensaries unless they are there to transfer medical product, and have been authorized by their patient to do so.

8.  No smoking of any kind is allowed on OMMP dispensary property.


This information is not intended as legal advice.  The OMMA may be read at Oregon Revised Statute 475.300-475.346.  The OMMP can be contacted at: (971) 673-1234.