Frequently Asked Questions


When will Measure 91, regulating recreational cannabis in Oregon, go into effect?

In November 2014, the people of the State of Oregon passed Measure 91, which allows the personal use and possession of recreational cannabis under Oregon law. It also legalized the act of manufacturing and selling cannabis to persons 21 years of age and older. On July 1, 2015, the law will go into effect for personal possession and home production. It will be another six months until individuals can apply for retail licenses, with retail sales expected to begin in late 2016.

Beginning July 1, a person 21 years or older in Oregon will be allowed to carry 1 ounce of cannabis in public and have 8 ounces of cannabis at home. Each household will be allowed to grow 4 plants for personal use. Cannabis consumption will not be allowed in public. Homegrown plants and product cannot be in public view. Localities will also be allowed to opt out of the recreational cannabis law through a general election, similar to "dry" cities and counties that do now serve alcohol.

The Oregon Liquor Control Commission (OLCC) will tax, license, and regulate the recreational cannabis system, including regulation of production, advertising, packaging, testing, and sales. They plan to employ a Seed-to-Sale tracking system, complete with RFID tags, to regulate the production and sale of cannabis. Excise taxes will be implemented at the grower level.

The OLCC is currently holding community meetings to gather input on future cannabis regulation. Between March and October 2015, they will develop the rules regulating recreational cannabis, and in November 2015 rules will be adopted. As OLCC regulations are under development, NOW is the time to contribute your thoughts and input about the recreational cannabis system. Let your voice be heard here!

On January 4, 2016, people will be able to apply for licenses in the new recreational cannabis system. Four licenses will be available, including Producer (responsible for taxes to the state), Processor, Wholesaler, and Retail licenses.


Can I enter the dispensary without an OMMP card?

Yes! Green Valley Wellness is open to everyone 21 years or older with a valid, government issued photo ID.  OMMP patients can be 18 years and older. OMMP Grower cards are still no longer acceptable for entry to OMMP dispensaries, unless the grower is there to transfer medical product and has been authorized to do so by his or her patient. This is an updated policy for Green Valley Wellness. We have alerted our current patients using OMMP Grower cards, and will need to update their records with valid OMMP Patient or Caregiver cards before checking in again.

If you are going through the process of applying for your OMMP card, upon receiving a completed application, the OHA will issue a receipt in the form of a letter which is good for entry into an Oregon Licensed Dispensary. The "Safety Packet," which includes a copy of your OMMP application and mail receipt, is NOT acceptable for entry into an Oregon medical cannabis dispensary. These proofs of renewal only legally cover you for possession and adult use, but do not allow you to enter a dispensary. Green Valley Wellness also cannot accept medical cards from other states. 


Does Green Valley Wellness sell seeds?

Yes! With the new Limited Marijuana Sales program, we are able to sell seeds. We currently have an excellent inventory of high quality locally produced seed.



Does Green Valley Wellness coordinate lab testing?

No, Green Valley Wellness no longer coordinates lab testing for medicinal products due to new batch testing and sealing requirements from the state. We now recommend coordinating testing directly with a local cannabis analytical lab, as we cannot provide batch sealing services through our dispensary. This must be coordinated directly with a lab representative.  We recommend working with:

  • Kenevir Research

    • Full Compliance Screen: $150 per product
    • Located in White City, Oregon
    • 541-668-7444
  • OG Analytical

    • Full Compliance Screen: $150-165 per product
    • Located in Eugene, Oregon. (Their So. OR drop site is right next door.)
    • 541-601-7646


What is batch testing?

Batch testing is when medical cannabis product is tested by a lab in large quantities, and sealed in tamper proof bags or containers.  A batch is a group of the same type of product made from the same batch of usable cannabis (for example, a batch of edibles or pounds of flower from the same plant). The purpose is to connect a tested sample of a product to the product batch it came from.  The sample is tested by the lab, and the client can then deliver a sealed product that is connected directly to its test results by a unique batch number.

When conducting batch testing, a representative from the lab testing the product will need to batch seal the product.  The lab will arrange for the representative to pick up the product or the client will need to deliver the quantity of product to be tested to the lab. All medicinal products purchased by Green Valley Wellness and any other Oregon dispensary must be sealed in a tamper proof bag or container by a lab representative.


Does Green Valley Wellness have any special services for veterans?

All veterans and partners of veterans receive a 10% veteran discount for all purchases at Green Valley Wellness.  Let the receptionist know on your first visit to be registered as a veteran in our system, and remind the BudTender each visit when checking out to receive the discount.  If an item is on sale for more than 10% off, then the best sale price will always be honored, but not compounded for an additional discount.

OMMP also offers subsidized fees for many veterans.  Subsidized fees are available for veterans with a 100% service connected-disability or receipt of a needs-based pension from the VA. Include copies of an award letter or enrollment card along with OMMP application paperwork to enroll in subsidized fee programs.  State Senator Peter Buckley (D-Ashland) helped sponsor legislation that created these subsidized fees.  We encourage all veterans in the Rogue Valley to get in touch with his office for support in accessing these and other veteran resources.

Representative Peter Buckley

District Phone: (541) 488-9180 Capitol Phone: (503) 986-1405

District Address: 71 Dewey Street, Ashland, OR 97520

Capitol Address: 900 Court St. NE, H-272, Salem, OR 97301