Founded in Talent Oregon by two experienced growers, Green Valley Wellness is the Rogue Valley’s premier cannabis dispensary.  With an unparalleled selection of quality medical grade and general use cannabis products and excellent customer service, our team is dedicated to offering our clientele the best experience possible with one-on-one attention and individualized customer care.  We also serve as a resource to the community, working to educate and advocate for our customers at every level. 


Green Valley Wellness is committed to bringing our you the cleanest, highest quality medicine available.  We require rigorous laboratory testing of all cannabis products in our shop, in compliance with Oregon Health Authority regulations and to maintain our team’s rigorous standard of quality. Our clones are checked daily by laboratory representatives for mildew, mold, and other pests to ensure our patients receive the cleanest, healthiest clones available.  We pride ourselves on our selection, service, and resources.



We pride ourselves on our wide selection of clean, high quality cannabis products from flowers to concentrates, medibles to topicals and many more different types of medicine in between.  We only carry preservative-free edibles, additive-free cannabis oil, and strive to provide the cleanest medicine possible.



We provide safe, clean, and discreet access to the finest cannabis, and pride ourselves on excellent customer service.  We will work with each person to help address individualized needs, and we follow strict HIPAA privacy standards. Our team goes above and beyond for every single customer!



We want to empower our clientele to make the most informed decision possible when working with medical cannabis.  Whether you are a first time consumer or long-term patient, we work one-on-one with each indiviudal to help them make the best decision for their own health and medical needs.  We also support industry and patient advocacy work.